DIY “Guess Who?” featuring Everyone we went to High-School with: A Drinking Game

DIY “Guess Who?” featuring Everyone we went to High-School with: A Drinking Game

Because there’s literally nothing better to do quarantine than to relive your so-called glory days.

All the materials you’ll need

As we approach our second anniversary of graduating high-school, we can’t help but reflect on how different our lives are now. While we definitely would not want to go back, it can be fun to discuss our many shared memories. Normal people would reflect on their high-school experience by watching their grad video or looking at old photos. Instead, we decided to spend the afternoon printing out tiny pictures of our classmates and gluing them onto a DIY cardboard version of a childhood game.

Personalized “Guess-Who?” games are flooding the internet right now. While most people are using their photos to replace the actual photos on the game, neither of us has this game, nor do we want to invest in it. So, we decided to make a cheap tacky version that has no structural integrity whatsoever- super on-brand for us. We also wanted to share this process with you so you can recreate your version at home.

The actual game- just a heads up, our version looks like a kindergarten craft project in comparison

Materials we used:

  • A clothing gift box, or any two sheets of cardboard you might have
  • 30 blank flashcards
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A pen
  • Pictures of 30 of the people you went to high school with (not creepy at all)

To start, you’re going to want to find pictures of roughly thirty of your high school peers. With these pictures, you will need to create a document with one large version of the image to put on a card and two small versions to put on the actual game. After you print these sheets out, cut out all of the pictures.

Next, cut your gift box in half and reinforce the sides using glue.

For the smaller pictures, you’re going to use on the boards, cut your flashcards into four different strips. Bend each strip in half and glue each person’s photo onto a separate strip. Glue the base of each of these strips onto the cardboard to create two game boards- one for each player.

Finally, to make the larger cards, cut your flashcards into thirds and glue on each large picture. Make sure you write the person’s name as well just in case the picture isn’t enough to identify them. It’s been a couple of years. People forget things.

The instructions are pretty self-explanatory- look at the pictures below, and we’re sure you’ll figure it out.

The big cards

Our DIY cheapskate version of the game

After tediously assembling your two game boards, you can start to play. If you don’t know the rules, here’s a PDF of the actual “Guess Who?” instructions. But if you need to look at these, you were genuinely robbed of your childhood:

However, playing this won’t be too nostalgic, because the most exciting part of our version is the types of questions you can ask. The whole point of our version is to not use basic questions like “Does this person have glasses?” or “Is this person a girl?” like you would in a real “Guess Who?” game. Essentially, the more controversial the question, the better.

Our game was literally made with a Mexx Kids giftbox, you should’ve seen it coming.

Here’s a few examples of questions you could ask:

  • Did you ever speak to this person in high school?
  • Has this person ever blocked you on any social media platform?
  • Would you say “Hi” to this person if you saw them today?
  • Did this person unfollow you on Instagram after graduation?
  • Did you ever have beef with this person?
  • Do you still have active beef with this person?

These are pretty general, but as you narrow down who your opponent has, feel free to get exponentially more specific.

Finally, the last set of rules arguably concern the most important part of the game: drinking.

  • If your opponent says “No” to any of your questions, you have to drink
  • If your opponent says “Yes” to any of your questions, they have to drink
  • If you guess the person’s name incorrectly, you have to take 3 drinks
  • The player that loses has to finish their drink

Was this a huge waste of time? Maybe. But at least it was fun. We guarantee if you create this game, make a quick stop at the LCBO, and gather up some of your high-school friends, you’re set for a very interesting evening. You’re welcome in advance.

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