Songs You Forgot Existed

Songs You Forgot Existed

I’ll say it louder for the people in the back: Listening to Kiss Me Thru the Phone by Soulja Boy doesn’t make you edgy. Literally everyone and their mother knows that song.

I know what you’re thinking. Did I make a brand new Spotify account for the sole purpose of creating a playlist to upload to this blog? Yes, I did. For a good reason.

I made my personal Spotify account when I had a minor obsession with the band 5 Seconds of Summer. I happened to be staying in the same city as the band members and thought that if I created a cool and edgy Spotify username and changed my Instagram handle to match it, they would notice me and I would get to meet them. Clearly, this never happened nor would it ever happen to anyone. Nonetheless, in an attempt to spare what little dignity I have, I created a new Spotify account for this blog to save me from eternal embarrassment from my old usernames.

After creating this new account, I decided to create a playlist of throwbacks. This playlist is filled with songs that are all bangers in their own way- some that are more sombre and others that will definitely hype you up. These aren’t your typical throwbacks, however. Whether from the 90s or 2010, each of these songs indefinitely slaps and is certainly under-appreciated in society today.

Before you listen, I’ll highlight some of the most meaningful throwbacks to me and some of the memories that go along with them.

Whatever You Like- T.I.

This song is the ultimate throwback. Coincidentally, it was also my most played song last year in 2019, with a whopping total of 92 plays. While this alarmed me at first, I now understand why I listened to it so much. I don’t think I can ever get sick of it. Truly. I think this warrants an intervention?

With You- Chris Brown

As I was moving out of my dorm after finishing my first year of university, I listened to the same six songs on repeat for days- With You and five other Akon songs. Not sure why this was such a phase, but it was. This song just reminds me of packing boxes and being one of the last two people left in my dorm. Honestly, this song really gets you in your feels.

I Don’t Mind- Usher ft. Juicy J

After seeing the Hustlers movie last year, I realized that I had been sleeping on Usher for so long. This man has given us banger after banger for decades. At one point, I literally hated this song but it goes hard and has a great message. Secure the bag in whatever way you can.

Mrs. Right- Mindless Behavior

I can’t be the only one who remembers seeing this probably a thousand times on the Family Channel (Disney Channel for you Americans). Not only does this song slap, but watching the music video back, I can see that they literally all dance so well. I’m impressed. One Direction WHO?

Eenie Meenie- Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston

In a time before Apple Music, back when each song on iTunes cost $1.29, my nine-year-old self decided to ball-out and spend my parent’s hard-earned money on this Justin Bieber classic. Let me say, there are no regrets there. This song screams 2010 pop with its simple melody sung by Justin Bieber’s high-pitched voice, and the music video is almost as good as the song, as well. The message is clear and relatable even to audiences today- sometimes shawty really do be an eenie meenie miney mo lover.

Gives You Hell- The All-American Rejects

Not sure how I became familiar with this song, but all I can remember is my childhood best friend and I screaming this at the top of our lungs at the ripe age of ten. Not even in the backyard. In my front yard. We would dress up and blast this song in the front yard of my house where my neighbours and all our peers could see us. It’s a damn good song though.

My Best Friend’s Girl- Diego Gomes

If you’re not familiar with the Canadian reality TV show The Next Star, you missed out on some quality television. Basically, a bunch of Canadian kids sing and compete to become the next music icon, so to speak. The top six contestants get makeovers, work with professionals to write and record their own songs, and create music videos. This song by the winner of season three of the show, Diego (a Justin Bieber knock-off), has a questionable message but is one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard. I recommend you listen to the entire season three album because Insane (Thru with U) by Mimoza goes kind of hard, as well.

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