Picking Cherries in 40º Heat

Picking Cherries in 40º Heat

Truly a first-world problem.

This past Thursday afternoon, my mom and I decided to go cherry picking at 20 Valley Harvest Farms (https://20valleyharvest.com/) to get out of the house, and avoid paying ridiculous grocery store prices for cherries. The latter is a popular topic of discussion in my household.

Upon learning that they had just opened up their farm to the public the day before, we got up as early as possible to ensure there were lots of cherries left to pick. It just so happened that we decided to go on the hottest day of the year.

While profusely sweating as I tried to fill up our seven-litre basket, I realized that I have no agricultural skills whatsoever. I struggled to pick the stems off of the tree branches, resulting in many stemless cherries in our basket. So not only did we end up with a ridiculously large amount of cherries, but I was humbled throughout this experience, which is always great. Finally, after around twenty minutes of picking and slowly roasting in the sun, we filled up our basket.

This experience wasn’t my first time picking fruit, however. Last September in California, I went apple picking at one of the most insanely overpriced farms I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I think I paid $30 USD for a bag of apples. Not even going to try and look that up what that’s worth in CAD. However, fruit picking is such a fun activity and is an excellent option if you want to get out of the house during quarantine. Just make sure you research different farms ahead of time- especially during these times because there may be a specific protocol you have to follow, or they might only accept cash payment.

If fresh fruit isn’t your thing, one of the selling points of fruit picking is that it makes for some top tier Instagram content. The scenery is gorgeous, and people are so spread out that you can take amazing photos without strangers watching and silently judging you— definitely a bonus.

There are so many different types of fruit you can pick on your own in practically any season. For the Niagara region specifically, take a look at the graphic below, and you can begin planning your fruit-picking adventure!

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