We Manifested Our Way Back Into America

We Manifested Our Way Back Into America

Conspiracy theory: Our makeshift vision boards caused the US government to change its mind, not universities pursuing lawsuits.

Growing up watching The Secret on repeat, the power of manifestation was undoubtedly ingrained into our heads. Our mothers would continuously emphasize the importance of goal setting and visualizing what you want in order to get it. (Shoutout Abhi for making me sit at the dining room table before the first day of school every year to manifest what I wanted for that year. Yes, I also thought that it was a load of bull).

Over the past five years, manifesting has been used by everyone from celebrities to business moguls to everyday people like us. So when the US government and SEVP modified temporary exemptions for non-immigrant students taking online courses for the fall 2020 semester (Translation: if we try to go back to the US for the fall semester, we’ll be deported), we were distressed, to say the least. In an attempt to be able to come back, Natalie even picked up a 2-credit in-person university choir class with the philosophy that people have gone through worse things to be able to go to America. You can take the girl out of the choir, but you can’t take the choir out of the girl, I guess.

Using our mothers’ philosophies, we decided that the only way we could get back into America this fall would be to make vision boards. Completely illogical conclusion, but we did it anyway. Purchasing magazines at our local Superstore, we cut out every image that reminded us of America. We then glued them onto glittery pink boards, creating the most patriotic collage known to man.

Mira’s vision board

Natalie’s vision board

Days later, at our wilderness retreat, we were pleased to find out that the US government had redacted this legislation. Therefore, as of right now, we’ll  be able to go back to the US in the fall. Unfortunately, you St. Catharines natives will now have to wait until Christmas to see us again.

However, the real question is: was it our shoddy vision boards that lead to this sudden change? We may never know, but we recommend that you try out this technique for yourself at home! In the meantime, keep an eye out for our next vision boarding session when we will manifest the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

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