10 Things KING DAVIID Can’t Live Without

10 Things KING DAVIID Can’t Live Without

We weren’t lying when we said we went to school with swarms of SoundCloud rappers.

Releasing his new EP, STUNNINOSTALGIA, earlier this month, KING DAVIID has made clear his intentions to create meaningful and influential music. As creatives ourselves, we thought it would be interesting to hear about David’s experience navigating the music industry to learn more about what it entails. Thus, we decided to create our own take on GQ’s infamous “10 Things” YouTube series, where rappers and celebrities alike compile a list of ten things that they can’t live without– except our version comes with significantly less clout. So, we asked David to send us a list of his everyday essentials, along with funny anecdotes and stories that relate to these objects.

What kind of technical equipment does David use? How does his skin stay so moisturized? Did Drake’s producer recently reach out to him? All of your questions about David will be answered below– but you’ll have to DM him to find out the answer to that last one.

In the meantime, feel free to browse this GQ knockoff and learn a little bit more about up and coming rapper and producer, David Akinyemi.

1. Apple Farm (iPhone, MacBook, and iPad)

This is basically the core foundation of all my daily activities. Where would I be without my farm? Obviously, I chose the Apple brand because all their devices work seamlessly together, which makes transferring files and photos so easy– especially since I make music and need to transfer music from my Mac to my phone very often.

I currently have the MacBook Pro, iPhone 7, and iPad air. Of course, I have the Apple Pencil too and take all my lecture notes with it. My favourite app to use is my Bible app and I have an iPhone 7 because 7 is the number of perfection.

2. Glasses

I’ve been wearing glasses for nine years now. My left eye is quite messed up and I can’t read that well without them, but I can see you making fun of me. I used to have these thick black ray bans when I was obsessed with Ray Bans, but they always blocked my peripheral vision, so in 2019 I got these random glasses from the optician. I don’t even know the brand, but I like the slimmer frame. It also has a blue (or green) filter because I spend a lot of time on my laptop everyday.

3. Presto Card

If you live in Toronto, or even Ontario, you should know what this is, and how important it is. There’s one thing for certain. I can never get lost in Toronto. Even though I’m quite lavish when it comes to food, I’m relatively frugal when it comes to transportation. I only take an Uber if it is absolutely necessary.

A Presto card is basically a bus or subway pass. I load money onto it often, so if I need to make a quick TTC trip I’m always assured. I pride myself on the fact that I still have the older green colored one.

4. Both of my Speakers

I consider myself an audiophile, and I own Apple earphones, mixing headphones, wireless earbuds (mostly for running), Anker bluetooth speakers, and a pair of Kali Audio Studio Monitors (6”). I consume twice as much music as the average person, so I need to have my bluetooth speakers with me so I can bump something really loud in any environment I find myself. I mostly use it in the shower though.

My studio monitors, however, are mostly for my music production. For me it’s not really about the loudness but the clarity that makes me love them so much. Come to my home studio one day and you’ll know what I mean.

5. Hard Drive

This baby is a lifesaver. The most annoying thing is working on a song, or downloading something and not having enough space on your Mac. I’ve entered that ‘free up storage’ dark hole many times and it’s not fun. I got this recently after my older hard drive bailed on me when I needed her the most. Now, I have the Lacie Rugged Mini which is industry standard for musicians and it’s 2TB, and I still have 1.9 TB left. I hope that lasts long.

6. Nike Shoes

The ones I have right now are the grey Nike React Element 55s. My sister got me these for my 19th birthday and they’re basically my go-to shoes for quick outings. They’re comfy, flexible and good for multiple purposes. I’ve worn them in the snow, to play soccer, for running– pretty much anything. They’re starting to chip a bit in the front but that’s normal. I’ve had them for a year and a half and they’ve been through a lot.

I’ll wait till these get wrecked before I get a new pair.

7. Nutrition Bars

Remember when I said I’m frugal with transportation but lavish with food? Well, I eat a lot, and I have a bad habit of just eating random things in sight, so to make sure I’m getting good nutrients while still randomly snacking, I usually take my nutrition bars which have a balanced nutrient makeup of proteins, carbs and vitamins, so I have no guilt. I like the ones from Nutrilite a lot for the reasons I mentioned above.

8. Moisturizer/Hand Cream

If you’re really close to me, you’ll know that I generally have dry skin. Hence, the reason why I moisturize my face and hands well. I have a whole skincare routine but my moisturizer is my favorite element. I like the one from Artistry Men because it’s really light on my face and it lasts really long. The hand cream I use is from G&H and they have two different versions based on the weather. The one I’m using right now is the G&H: Nourish which is lighter on the skin especially because it’s summer. That way my hands are not sweaty when I shake people, nor are they dry every other minute.

9. Cargo Pants

These are the real OGs right here. I recently started wearing loose-fitting pants after a long dedication to skinny pants. The cargo pants from H&M work with almost anything and any weather. I’m not kidding. I wear them comfortably in both summer and winter. Of course, they’re primarily casual but they go with my air forces really well so that’s a plus for me.

I actually ordered them online and mistakenly got one size too large because my theory is that I’d rather wear something that’s too big than something that’s too small. But, I still rock them even though the waist is too big for me.

10. Power Bank

I don’t even need to brag much about this one. Your friends will love you if you’re the guy who gives them power when you’re going out and their phone is almost dead. This really comes in clutch at concerts. I got the one from Anker which can charge my phone fully up to five times which is pretty sweet and it can charge two phones at the same time. I wish it had a smaller casing, but I can’t really complain.

If you want to hear more from David, head over to iTunes or Spotify to check out his EP and browse his socials below:

Instagram: @david.akinyemi

Twitter: @hailkingdaviid

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