How to Create Your Own Boujee Beach Picnic

How to Create Your Own Boujee Beach Picnic

Because there has literally been nothing else to do this summer other than eat and sit outside.

We’re not quite sure how it happened, but it seems that the summer of 2020 has turned into the summer of charcuterie boards. We cannot even begin to count how many people we’ve seen post about their take on this board- eating them in every location possible, from the trunk of their car to the beach. So we decided that we wanted to make our own charcuterie board and attempt to live our most boujee beach lives these last few weeks that we have here in Ontario.

Since this is titled a “boujee” beach picnic, we knew that our local Superstore or Walmart wouldn’t cut it. So we embarked on a journey to the most boujee and lavish grocery store there is in Ontario- Whole Foods, also known as Nat’s personal heaven.

There’s something about even the air of Whole Foods that just hits different. With a variety of options, they seriously have everything for every dietary restriction on the planet. Walking around the store, we were able to find all the items we needed and even a couple of surprise items that we weren’t planning on getting.

So without further ado, let’s break this board down.

The first thing you’ll need is some sort of cracker or bread. Browsing the pristine aisles of Whole Foods, we decided upon three different kinds- classic pita chips, cranberry pumpkin seed crackers, and a fruit and nut sourdough bread that Natalie made beforehand. We’d definitely recommend getting a variety of plain and more flavoured crackers!

The next thing that you’ll need is to find some good meats and cheeses. Mira decided on a combination of brie cheese, kasseri cheese, and prosciutto. Since Natalie is essentially vegan, she purchased a vegan cheddar cheese, which was surprisingly great and proves that you can actually make a delicious vegan charcuterie board.

The third thing you’ll need is some kind of sweet element for your board. While this is not essential, if you have a sweet tooth like Nat, then having only cheese and crackers might not sound too exciting. She’d much rather prefer a board filled entirely with Dunkaroos and Fuzzy Peaches. Therefore, we decided to purchase both fruit and dried fruit to diversify the flavour palate of our board. For dried fruit, we chose figs and mangoes, however, there are so many other great dried fruits out there- like persimmons, apples, and peaches that would work as well. For real fruit, we decided to get some grapes. To be honest, Natalie has PTSD from one of her third grade classmates peeling their grapes and throwing the peels all over the floor leaving a sticky residue, but decided to suck it up because any other type of fresh fruit on the board would’ve looked aesthetically displeasing.

Nat also saw some vegan caramel dark chocolate balls and knew immediately that she had to purchase them. So, those kind of became a part of the sweet section of our board whether Mira liked it or not.

Finally, the last thing you’ll need is some sort of dip. For this, we’d highly recommend hummus. Instead of buying hummus from Whole Foods though, we brought an edamame garlic hummus we made at home that is seriously delicious.

We also decided to throw in some spicy corn nuts for fun because they looked cool and we thought we needed to add a little bit of spice to our board.

Once you’ve purchased all of your items, you can then move on to the most exciting part- arranging your items on a cutting board! This is where you can let your creativity take the reins, and lay out the delicious snacks you bought in any way that you want.

Check out the full visual of our board below:

PRO TIP: In order to ensure safe transportation of your board, we’d suggest using clear bowls for items that seem like they wouldn’t stick well to a cutting board. Also, for softer cheeses like brie, we’d recommend bringing a cheese knife and possibly other utensils, like a spoon, for dips and any other elements that would be hard to access otherwise.

If you’re interested in making your own sourdough and edamame garlic hummus like we did, check out the following recipes:

Other random essentials that you will want to bring include a blanket or mats, champagne (a MUST), and a speaker. These will definitely enhance your charcuterie experience.

If you’re looking for a great way to end your summer, pull up to your local Whole Foods, grab a bottle of Champagne, and go crazy. Much like bucket hats and silly bands, we have a feeling that this charcuterie trend might go out of style soon, so jump on it while it’s still hot!