Forget Instagram Pop-Ups, Try a Sunflower Maze

Forget Instagram Pop-Ups, Try a Sunflower Maze

FYI: Whoever supports the pictures of you posing in a giant neon bathtub is not your real friend.

As two people who will literally do anything for the ‘gram, after hearing about the Hanes Corn Maze and Tiny Shop Bakery, we knew that we needed to check it out.

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, not only are their sunflower fields an amazing spot for Instagram photos, but they double as an engaging maze, as well. With clues to collect as you go through the maze, there is a surprise theme at the end that you have to try and decode. Though, we won’t tell you what the theme is in this article– not because we don’t want to spoil it, but because we didn’t finish the maze.

That being said, there are many benefits of taking your Instagram photos at a location like this instead of paying to go to an Instagram pop-up shop. To fully convince you of this, we’ve compiled a list of reasons to spare you the embarrassment of looking back at streams of cringe-worthy photos.

1. Contrary to an Instagram pop-up shop, taking photos in this sunflower field was not embarrassing at all.

Everyone is walking around with professional cameras and there are so many different paths you can take that you don’t need to be near a bunch of other people to take a photo. This is truly a judgement-free zone, filled with wannabe influencers and the odd child who’s truly there to make their way through the maze.

2. This one is pretty self-explanatory, however, the natural lighting and backdrop of the sunflower field make for amazing photos.

This day and age, people are looking to take more candid and natural photos. Walking around in these fields is the perfect opportunity to snap that million-dollar shot. Even though this might be a little staged, I’m sure your followers would rather see you sauntering around the sunflower fields than sitting in a ball pit filled with emojiis.

3. As of right now, these sunflower pictures don’t seem to be very mainstream–yet.

All of you Insta-thots, please stop reading this article and find somewhere else to take pictures.

4. This activity was actually very reasonably priced and makes for a nice excuse to get out of the house.

For $15 each, we received a pass to access the maze for the entire day, which is an incredibly fair price compared to the $40 you’d pay just to go once inside of a pop-up shop. Quarantine friendly, the maze is not only outside, but most people are wearing masks and remain socially distant from each other.

If you really want to step up your sunflower maze game, you can even bring a blanket, some snacks for a picnic, or a speaker to enhance your overall experience. However, if you do choose to go to a sunflower maze, please be respectful. There should be a limit to what you would do for the ‘gram and that involves refraining from stepping on or breaking the sunflowers just to get the perfect angle.

We loved our experience and highly recommend that you go check out the maze! There’s truly nothing better than coming here at golden hour to try and subtly flex on your followers.